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04 Kitty KaPowww - Hex in the City Burlesque - Folsom Street Follies 9/26/2018
Kenny Hoff
04 Kitty KaPowww - Monday Night Hubba - Fabulously Body-Wealthy 1-7-2019
Kenny Hoff

Kitty KaPowww is the kitten that cats prefer. Bay Area born & raised - she is proud to support and be a part of the San Francisco queer art community. Kitty has a robust background in Theatre Arts and Technical Theatre. She debuted her first burlesque act on stage before she could even drink at the bar, and in the few years since she has found her strength as a producer. She is the Head Witch in Charge of a coven of queer creators and performers - Hex in the City Burlesque.

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07 Kitty KaPowww - Hex in the City Burlesque 3-20-2019
Kenny Hoff

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